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Our Team

Meet our caring team at Evergreen and our Board of Directors.

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Abou us team

About Us

It takes many people to make Evergreen work. A combination of a diligent Board of Directors who oversee and set policy, a dedicated professional staff who keep the day to day running smoothly and who make sure the work that our outstanding volunteers are requested to do is safe and that they have the appropriate training. That’s the Evergreen Team!

Meet the Team

Board of Directors - Executive Committee Members

President and Chair:  Chris Collucci, CEO Markham Board of Trade CEO
Treasurer:  Andrew Salo, CPA, CA, LPA  
Secretary:  Ray Lai, Professional Services and Product Leade

Board of Directors - Members
Dr. Andrew Patterson, Physician
Jake Mitten, Home Instead

Evergreen Staff

Lerryn Pitcher  –  Executive Director »»  ext. 101 
Laura Lavallee - CEO »»  ext. 101
Cindy Knowles –  Administrator  »»  ext. 105
Karen Kipling – Fundraising Coordinator »» ext. 109

Caroline Allen –  Sponsorship » »  ext. 102
Christine DiFede – Client Care Coordinator »» ext. 103
Tricia Stanton  –  Coordinator of Volunteers  »»  ext. 107

Heidi Spiar  –  Living Room Coordinator  »»  ext. 108
Stephen Ashley – Counsellor »» ext. 110
Sonia Comire  –  Counsellor  »
»  ext. 100
Bonnie Strand  –  Counsellor  »»  ext. 106
Janet Chippin – Connection Cafe Coordinator
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